“Bicro Original, Since 1923”

Artisan authentic batter for croquettes and round appetizer croquettes, a sophisticated snack which also tastes great on toast. The best start if you want to deep-fry and serve your own delicious appetizers. Just add some breadcrumbs and a beaten egg.
Feel free to enjoy this traditional Amsterdam recipe using a roux of strong meat broth, flour, cream and our well-kept secret combination of spicy condiments. Made with fresh Dutch ingredients and, as in olden days, no added flavour enhancers.
Did you know that our recipe originates in Amsterdam, dating back four generations? It was discovered by Baker Karsten, who started our family’s first bakery in 1923. And did you know we owe Bicro’s success to that very same recipe for croquettes? Our name itself is a reminder of our product heroes: Bicro, as in bi for ‘bitterballen’ (Dutch for appetizer croquettes) plus cro, as in ‘croquettes’.


For use on toast, heat the contents slowly in a saucepan or microwave. Stir briefly, do not boil.
As an appetizer, put the can in the refrigerator before use. Take one portion at a time, rolling it between two hands into the desired shape. Then roll in breadcrumbs, followed by beaten egg and breadcrumbs again. Deep-fry for 4 minutes at 180°C.